« Psychopathology and Atmospheres. Neither Inside nor Outside », by Tonino Griffero and Gianni Francesetti

« A new book entitled Psychopathology and Atmospheres. Neither Inside nor Outside edited by Tonino Griffero and Gianni Francesetti has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Feeling sad during a funeral and being relaxed while having dinner with friends are atmospheric feelings. However, the notion of “atmosphere”, meaning not only a subjective mood, but a sensorial and affective quality that is widespread in space and determines the way one experiences it, has intensified only recently in scientific debate. The discussion today covers a wide range of theoretical and applied issues, involving all disciplines, paying attention more to qualitative aspects of reality than to objective ones. These disciplines include the psy- approaches, whose focus on an affective experience that is emerging neither inside nor outside the person can contribute to the development of a new paradigm in psychopathology and in clinical work: a field-based clinical practice. This collection of essays is the first book specifically addressing the link between atmospheres and psychopathology. It challenges a reductionist and largely unsatisfactory approach based on a technical, pharmaceutical, symptomatic, individualistic perspective, and thus promotes the exchange of ideas between psy- disciplines, humanistic approaches and new trends in sciences. »


Workshop: “Atmospheres and Shared Emotions”

workshop.jpgOn April 25-26 2019 a two days workshop on Atmospheres and Shared Emotionswill take place at the University of Vienna (Department of Philosophy).
Organized by Dylan Trigg and Hans Bernhard Schmid, this workshop is a part of the FWF project “A Phenomenological Investigation Into Shared Anxiety” (M2300).

Confirmed invited speakers are:

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Journée d’Etude Int’le, 22 mars 2018 @ Paris

« L’expérience esthétique et la « praxis » :

perception, imagination et atmosphères »



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