Séminaire « Field theories in clinical practice », IFGT, 2021


With gestalt therapy, Perls and Goodman made the revolutionary proposal to embed the practice of psychotherapy in a field perspective. A Babylonian discussion and controversy among Gestalt therapists is still, 70 years after, in full swing about the meaning of ‘field’. Certainly the concept of situation, highlighted in recent years, has made it possible to better differentiate between the field as a lived experience (in a phenomenological stance), and the field as a life-space (in the continuity of Lewin’s work). The oscillation between these two conceptions generated a lot of confusion, which undoubtedly slowed down the radicalization of a theoretical and clinical development based on concept of contact.

This program aims to advance in the theoretical and practical understanding of the field paradigm used in psychotherapy. To this end, Institut Français de Gestalt- thérapie is launching the project of this update by inviting three eminent gestalt- therapists : Maya van Zelst, Gianni Francesetti and Jean-Marie Robine. These three trainers have worked hard for many years to arouse particular attention to the concepts of field and situation and thus to invite us to move the practice out of its individualistic limits and into a relational perspective. Each of them has followed a different path and reached specific orientations that they propose to confront between them and with the participants, both experientially and in the theoretical-clinical level as well.


Jean-Marie Robine

Psy. Dipl., is a clinical psychologist since 1967, Gestalt-therapist since 1977 and international trainer. Past director of Institut Français de Gestalt-thérapie (1980-2007), co-founder and past-president of European Association for Gestalt Therapy, full member of Collège Européen de Gestalt-thérapie, full member of New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, founder and past-editor of 2 French Gestalt Journals, author of many articles and author or editor of 8 books about Gestalt Therapy. His books On the Occasion of an Other, Social Change Begins with Two, Self – a Polyphony of Contemporary gestalt-therapists, have been translated into many languages.

Maya van Zelst

She is a clinical psychologist, gestalt-therapist and supervisor. She is trainer in the Gestalt Therapy Training, Psychopathology training and therapy groups at IVC(Gestalt Institute Belgium) for more than 15 years.

She has been working with people who suffer from drug-related and psychopathological experiences. Next to that she works on a freelance basis in healthcare centers as team facilitator and group supervisor.

She also works as an international trainer in Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology in Europe. She has a private practice in Ghent since 2005 and is engaged as a member of the board of the NOGT (Flanders/The Netherlands) since 2009 and represents Belgium in the EAGT.

Gianni Francesetti

Gestalt therapist, psychiatrist, international trainer and supervisor.Director of Istituto Internazionale di Psicopatologia e Psicoterapia della Gestalt. Past-president of the European Association for Psychotherapy, past president of the Italian Federation of Psychotherapy Associations and of the Italian Society for Gestalt Therapy, He lives and works in Turin (Italy) as psychotherapist, psychiatrist and supervisor. Editor of Panic Attacks and Postmoderniy ; Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice ; Absence is the Bridge Between us : Gestalt Therapy Perspective on Depressive Experiences : Obsessive-compulsive experiences : a Gestalt-therapy perspective.


The 3 seminars will be held in English.
The symposium will be held in English with translation into French.


The situation will consist of 3 seminars followed by a symposium :

- 2021, January 22-23-24th : Jean-Marie Robine & Maya van Zelst
- 2021, March, 19-20-21st : Maya van Zelst & Gianni Francesetti
- 2021, June, 04-05-06th : Gianni Francesetti & Jean-Marie Robine
- Symposium : 2021, October 11-12-13th The 3 trainers will be joined
by Dan Bloom and Giuseppe Civitarese


All seminars and the conference will take place at
FIAP, 30 rue Cabanis, Paris 14°.
Possibility of accommodation on site.

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