« Gestalt-therapy in clinical practice » par M. Gecele, J. Roubal et G. Francesetti

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Gestalt therapy in clinical practice. From psychopatology to the aesthetics of contact

par M. Gecele, J. Roubal et G. Francesetti (voir ici pour une présentation)

et bientôt disponible en français.

La préface de Leslie Greenberg : « A Gestalt therapy handbook on Psychopathology, and to boot a relational approach to this complex topic! This book is ground breaking and revolutionary. Breaking new ground is always controversial, as I am sure this book will be, both among Gestalt therapists and among more traditional medical model psychopathologically oriented psychiatrists and psychologists. First generation Gestalt therapists would probably respond with shock and surprise to see Gestalt being applied to severe disorders and to the use of labels such as borderline and narcissistic. On the other hand medical model practitioners will find it hard to assimilate concepts such as that psychopathology emerges at the contact boundary and ideas of process oriented, aesthetic diagnoses. But as revolutionary ideas they hopefully will have an impact on received views of treatment and psychopathology and help give Gestalt therapy a voice in mainstream dialogue on more severe disorders. »




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