Workshop @ 11th EAGT, September 20-22 Krakow, POLAND

11th EAGT, September 20-22 Krakow, POLAND

Workshop :  » From states to process : photographies as a tool to connect embodied experiences and co-create movement in the here-and-now on the occasion of the Other »

Presenters : Michele Cannavo & Astrid Alemany Dusendschön (Sat, Sep 21 09:30 – 11:00)

Biographical notes :
Michele Cannavo, Italy, MD., PhD. Psychiatry & Psychotherapy, Gestalt-therapist, certified DSP™ (Ruella Frank), trainer. Works as psychotherapist and psychiatrist in a therapeutic community for psychotic and borderline patients. Occupies presently the function of president at SIPG (Italian NOGT). Passionate by photography, makes frequently exhibitions where he joins GT with pictures.

Astrid Alemany-Dusendschön, France, clinical psychologist, Gestalt-therapist, supervisor, gestaltist coach, certified DSP™ (Ruella Frank) Works in her private practice with adults, individual and groups. Trainer at EPG. Founding members and trainer at époké™. Certified member of CEGT. Occupies presently the function of vice-president at CEGT. Present director of the editorial team of « Les Cahiers de Gestalt-thérapie ».


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