« Flying Without Wings: Life with Arnold Beisser » par Liv Estrup

L’histoire de vie du fondateur de la « théorie paradoxale du changement », Arnold R.Beisser (1925-1991). Psychiatre et Gestalt-thérapeute, professeur de psychiatrie à l’UCLA (Los Angeles, USA), élève de Fritz Perls.

Un extrait du DVD sur youtube :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW75TxFeACs

beisserWith his whole life before him, 25-year-old national tennis champion and aspiring young surgeon, Arnold Beisser, was struck down by Polio. « In a few hours, without warning, I was transformed from a doctor to a patient, from an athlete to a cripple. Polio had ravaged me so that I could not stand, walk, sit, eat, drink or even breathe by myself. »

Family, friends, colleagues and Arnold himself tell this inspiring journey of loss, acceptance, triumph and love — how he become a pioneer in sports psychology, UCLA Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, leader in the community mental health movement, Gestalt trainer, and best-selling author. Dr. Beisser is known world wide for his seminal paper « Paradoxical Theory of Change. »

Liv Estrup is a Gestalt therapist, photographer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles (www.LivEstrup.com). She is on faculty of the Gestalt Associates Training of Los Angeles (www.GATLA.org)

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