Bienvenue à gestaltafrica !

Des collègues gestaltistes du continent africain nous font le plaisir d’annoncer la création de gestaltafrica. Bienvenus !

 » Gestalt Africa is a training and experiential learning organisation established in 2021 by five colleagues with deep experience in the teaching and application of Gestalt in organisations, and great passion for the African continent. Our mission is to develop a generation of leaders who have the inspiration, confidence, and tools, to bring about meaningful change on the continent.

One of our core beliefs is that individual and organisational effectiveness require attention to be paid to not only the strategic/technical elements of work, but also to the relational, or human dynamics. Gestalt provides a frame to attend to both these aspects, supporting individuals to become more aware of process (how work is being done, not just what work is being done) and in so doing, opening space for new and different action.  » (extrait du site : )

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