Fascia Research Congress 2018: The discovery of a new cell & new ways to improve well being

 » Interviews from Fascia Research Congress 2018 with Carla Stecco, Antonio Stecco, Jean Claude Guimberteau, Gil Hedley, Neil Theise & David Lesondak There’s an ongoing global revolution in the anatomical research field, profoundly changing the way we look at the human body. The reason? Fascia, a network of connective tissue wrapped around every part of the body. While until recently being considered unimportant, Fasica is since 2017 aknowledged as the biggest organ in the body, and perhaps the most important one. Fascia research has sparked a wildfire of new insights that are challenging conventional belief about how the body works. The latest insights are presented at the 2018 Fascia Research Congress in Berlin, the most significant perhaps being Carla Steccos discovery of a new type of cell, central for our mobility, and many participants believe she should recieve the nobel prize in medicine. At the Congress, new perspectives and explanations to symptoms and decises like lower back pain, obesity, diabetes and even cancer was presented – and maybe this is how we will get new answers, by looking at the body in a completely new way.  »

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