« New Contemporary Gestalt Therapy Demonstration Films » par Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D.


New Contemporary Gestalt Therapy Films with Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D.

Free 30-minute Introduction To Contemporary Gestalt Therapy Theory, as well as 8 actual therapy sessions with subtitles in seven languages

Finally, New Contemporary Gestalt Therapy Demonstration Films (beta versions). A series of actual, unedited Gestalt Therapy sessions with Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D. (until now an “under the radar” Gestalt and Couples Therapist and Trainer for over 50 years) that demonstrates a very powerful applied phenomenological and dialogic process therapy in action. The films include subtitles in 7 languages (Beta versions subtitles). Nothing has been added or deleted and there is no script and there are no actors. Each of these films is a real client, working with real issues, in real time, with a real therapist. Each session is preceded by a 30-minute synopsis of contemporary Gestalt Therapy theory (optional) – Introduction To Contemporary Gestalt Therapy.

A Clinical Psychologist, Bob says he may be the luckiest psychotherapist in the world – trained, supervised (for 5 years) and certified by examination by Drs. Fritz Perls and Jim Simkin. Fortunately for Bob, Perls chose him to introduce Gestalt Therapy to Europe in 1969. Since then he has had the very special opportunity to teach in Europe 16-20 weeks annually for almost 50 years. Bob has completed hundreds of professional training workshops in dozens of countries with many thousands of therapists, professors and students – friendly, neutral and critical. These therapists come from a wide range of orientations: (Gestalt, Psychoanalytic, CBT, Rogerian, Integrative, Systemic, Post Modern and more) and work in various settings: academia, private practice, agencies, etc. They are of multiple orientations, countries, academic traditions, those looking to learn, those looking to criticize and those looking to explore. They have provided an exquisitely unique opportunity for Bob to both temper and hone his theory and practice. Rather than becoming more complex, Bob’s theory and clinical work has distilled, integrated, connected, added to, discarded and become more simple and clear.

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