« The essential moral self » by Strohminger & Nichols

The essential moral self_Strohminger.Nichols.2014

BN-KE979_MINDMA_M_20150908163352 » (…) A new paper in Psychological Science reports an interesting collaboration between the psychologist Nina Strohminger at Yale University and the philosopher Shaun Nichols at the University of Arizona. Their research suggests that (…) Our identity comes more from our moral character than from our memory or intellect. (…) Many philosophers have argued that our identity is rooted in our continuous memories or in our accumulated knowledge. Drs. Strohminger and Nichols argue instead that we identify people by their moral characteristics, their gentleness or kindness or courage—if those continue, so does the person (…) « . (By Alison Gopnik Sept. 9, 2015 11:33 a.m. ET, The Wall Street Journal).


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