« From Planned Psychotherapy to Gestalt Therapy: Essays and Lectures — 1945 to 1965 » — Frederick Salomon Perls, M.D.

The Gestalt Journal Press is pleased to announce the publication of From Planned Psychotherapy to Gestalt Therapy: Essays and Lectures — 1945 to 1965 —  Frederick Salomon Perls, M.D.  Available in eBook and traditional printed formats, this volume includes, some for the first time in print, the professional articles and transcripts of theoretical presentations written by Perls beginning before the development of Gestalt therapy and concluding with his 1967 article, Group vs. Individual Therapy.

In his insightful introduction to the collection, Peter Philippson writes:

. . . So I commend these formative writings of Fritz Perls to those who would get a fuller sense of the original ideas of Gestalt therapy, a work in progress, but already a fairly consistent field relational approach to psychology and therapy. My hope is that, with more people reading these papers and our “Bible,” Perls, Hefferline and Goodman, the discussion of what is useful and what needs reworking can be grounded in a rediscovery of what is exciting and unique in Perls’ ideas.

 Just published, the collection has been quickly acclaimed by professionals throughout the Gestalt community.  Included in the volume are:

Planned Psychotherapy:  A talk at the William Alanson White Institute —1947

Theory and Technique of Personality Integration: Reprinted from American Journal of Psychotherapy, 1948

The Theory of The Removal of Inner Conflict (co-authored with Paul Goodman): Reprinted from Resistance, 1950

Introduction to A Doctor’s Report on Dianetics: Theory and Therapy by J. A. Winter (1951)

Psychiatry in a New Key: a manuscript Perls started sometime in the early 1950’s. It was first published in The Gestalt Journal in 1977.

Morality Ego Boundary, and Aggression: Reprinted from Complex, #9, 1955.

Finding Self Through Gestalt Therapy:  Cooper Union Forum Lecture Series: « The Self » in New York City, 1957.

Gestalt Therapy and Cybernetics: 1958

Resolution: talk at Mendocino State Hospital, 1959

Gestalt Therapy and Human Potentialities: Reprinted from Explorations in Human Potentialities, 1966

Group vs. Individual Therapy: Reprinted from Etc: A Review of General Semantics, 1967

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