« Being handicapped or not : there is no strength without weakness » | Lucie Caubel | TEDxCelsa

« Handicap ou pas, il n’y pas de force sans fragilité »| Lucie Caubel | TEDxCelsa

Published on Aug 1, 2017
 » In the business environment, handicap is hard to cope with. If some companies implement strong integration policies for physically handicapped people, on the other hand mentally disabled people are still being considered as not being able to cope with the difficulties of working with a team, with objectives etc. How can we change mentalities ? Be kind to your own weaknesses Convinced that integrating of handicap is a source of individual and collective performance, Lucie Caubel created in 2010 LC Conseil, a consulting firm in the field of disability and focused her projects on the design of innovative solutions to better integrate disabled people in ordinary life. In particular, she is involved in designing the largest online disabled workers recruitment tradeshow, and in mental health issues. « 

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