Roots VI Conference – « Gestalting Groups: Roots & Branches »

October 23-26, 2014

Roots VI will take place in Belfast, Ireland, convened by GISC and hosted by Gestalt Centre Belfast. Groups have been a fundamental part of the Gestalt approach since its inception. Fritz Perls was one of the first therapists to do therapy “live in front of a group » – later called the “Greek ampitheatre.” As it developed as a specific approach to therapy it was then nicknamed the” broken wagon wheel.” The therapist would work one-on-one with each individual, using the group as communal support.

Yet our approach to groups and their application has always been much more diverse. At the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, such founding members as Elliot Shapiro and Paul Goodman were moving effortlessly into education and social change, followed by the next generation of members, such as George Dennison and Patrick Kelley. These Gestalt practitioners had a profound, though often unacknowledged impact on the theory and methodology of Gestalt with groups.


Roots VI Conference

Gestalting Groups: Roots & Branches
This is the sixth Roots Conference. Beginning in Paris in 2003 with “The European Roots of Gestalt Therapy” conference, and continuing with Roots II in Antwerp, 2005, in Rome in 2007, Budapest in 2009, and Bommersvik, Sweden, in 2012, these conferences have provided an opportunity to focus on Gestalt therapy theory, its roots, development and the rich diversity of its application. Presented by Gestalt International Study Center in cooperation with Gestalt Centre Belfast.


Astrid Alemany Dusendschön, France

Jack Aylward, USA
Philip Brownell, Bermuda
Marie Anne Chidiac, England
Seán Gaffney, Sweden
Barry Gruenberg, USA
Mike McElwee, USA
Frans Meulmeester, Netherlands
Chantelle Wyley & Shanil Haricharan, South Africa
Yianna Yiamarelou,Greece


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