Roots V Conference, Gestalt Organizational Development, November 1-4, 2012, Sweden

Presented by Gestalt International Study Center

in cooperation with Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia and Perlan Dialogue & Leadership

November 1-4, 2012

Near Stockholm, Sweden

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This is the fifth Roots Conference. Beginning in Paris in 2003 with, “The European Roots of Gestalt Therapy” Conference, and continuing with Roots II in Antwerp, 2005, in Rome in 2007, and Budapest in 2009, these conferences have provided an opportunity to focus on Gestalt theory and its development and application. The theme of Roots V is Gestalt Organizational Development.

The Gestalt approach has, from the beginning, had a major influence in the development of organizational development (OD). This includes the work of Kurt Lewin who is seen by many as the father of OD as well as a major influence on the Gestalt approach with his contribution of field theory.

Gestalt practitioners have played an important role in the development of National Training Labs (NTL), the birthplace of OD, with Gestaltists serving major roles in the organization including members of the board.

In 2010 four Gestalt OD consultants were featured at the OD World Summit in Budapest, Hungary. These included John Nkum, Marcella Bensen-Quaziena & Janet Fiero (representing Carolyn Lukensmeyer’s America Speaks), and Joseph Melnick representing GISC.

Most recently, Edwin C. Neviswas the recipient of the Organizational Development Network (ODN) Lifetime Achievement Award for his many contributions to the theory and practice of organizational development. GISC has developed a designation of Gestalt Organizational Consultant (see page ), and internationally, the European Association of Gestalt Therapy is now certifying OD training programs and practitioners.

It is time for us to come together and join in celebrating the roots of Gestalt OD by presenting theory and practice that is currently being developed by individuals throughout the world.

The intent is also to honor Edwin D. Nevis, who is widely seen as the father of Gestalt OD.

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