The Journal of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP): Published 3 times p.a., in March, July, and November, by the EAP; member of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP); International NGO member of the Council of Europe. ISSN 1356-9082 .uk

Our Editor, Tom Ormay, has just retired and we have appointed a new Editor, Courtenay Young, who was previously the Co-Editor. After over 6 years of valiant work, Tom Ormay is now taking a partial step backwards and becoming the Administrative Editor. We are very grateful to him for overseeing the transformation of the Journal into its new identity.
We are in the process of revising and re-vitalising the International Advisory Board. We would like to appoint new people who are psychotherapists of stature in their own country and who would also like to be associated with the IJP: by publishing research and theory articles and occasionally by refereeing articles; by advising their colleagues or recommending their students to publish; by generally promoting the IJP and by informing us about what is happening in psychotherapy in that country, etc. We welcome any suggestions for suitable candidates, with a short (200-400 word) abstract describing their suitability and qualifications.

We are also looking for Book Review Editors in various countries and languages: you would need to be a psychotherapist and have reasonable English, as well as having the language of your country. We would like these people to write to publishers in their country for ‘review copies’ of any interesting new books in psychotherapy that they become aware of, and then to organise someone to write a review of that book (the reviewer usually gets to keep the book) or review it themselves. The review needs also to be translated into English. The Journal will publish the review, both in the original language and in English. We have probably found new Book Review Editors for Germany, France, (possibly) Romania and Canada: we need ones for Britain, America & Russia, as well as for many other countries and languages. If you are interested, please contact us via the IJP website.

We ask all EAP Member Organisations (EWO/EWAOs & NUO/NAOs Ordinary Organisations and EAPTIs) to inform their members about the IJP – possibly by sending this Newsletter to them by e-mail – or by (translating and) putting extracts into their own newsletters. Subscriptions for this Journal are relatively cheap; people on the ECP Register get a discount; and we offer different prices for ‘East’ and ‘West’ countries. You can now subscribe over the Internet, using PayPal, or download a subscription form using the IJP website.

We are also looking out for more universities, libraries, and psychotherapy training schools to take out Institutional subscriptions (3 copies). We welcome advertisements of international conferences and seminars about psychotherapy; and we prefer working with reciprocal benefits, like distributing IJP leaflets to participants (rather than charging for advertising).

We are always interested in new articles – on psychotherapy research, theory or practice, shorter articles and comments, letters, or conference reports & book reviews. We often publish articles in their ‘mother-tongue’, as well as in English.

We are interested in promoting more ‘Special Issues’ with almost the whole issue devoted to a particular topic: we have had Special Issues on Depression, R.D. Laing, are planning one on Psychosynthesis, and possibly a later one on Humanistic Psychology, and on Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy. These special issues usually have a ‘Guest Editor’. Suggestions and outlines for future issues are welcome.

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