48th Annual European Residential Gestalt and Couples Therapy Workshops_July, 2019



 » Dear Gestalt Colleagues and Friends,

As of today, May 2, 2019, the registration for our 48th Annual European Residential Gestalt and Couples Therapy Workshops in July, 2019 (Assisi, Italy) is going very well.  However, registrations are more heavily booking for our four (out of five) more advanced levels – Advanced, Advanced Intensive, Clinical Practicum and Masterclass.   Our Distinguished Gestalt Visitors this summer are Malcolm Parlett, Mary Lou Shack, Bent Falk, Maya Brand, Flora Ostrow and Lee Zevy.

What we need are more people for our Basic Gestalt Therapy group – which is appropriate for both experienced clinicians with a limited exposure to Gestalt Therapy as well as new clinicians who are interested in deepening their knowledge and experience with Gestalt Therapy.  The program accepts therapists qualified to practice therapy where they live.  Typically, therapists have some familiarity with Gestalt Therapy – whether they are matriculated graduate students or seasoned professionals.  If money is an issue, we do have some partial scholarship money available.

We would appreciate your letting people know about this.  For more information, go to our website (www.gatla.org), and or contact me.

Thank you,

Bob  »

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