British Gestalt Journal 2012 – Volume 21 No.1

Deux intéressants articles sur Gestalt et entreprise / Two interesting papers on Gestalt and oganisations

Sally Denham-Vaughan and Mark Gawlinski

Abstract: To date, a number of Gestalt coaching models have been developed that principally focus on activities occurring within a relatively formal coach/coachee interaction. So far, most of these tend to require the coach, and sometimes the coachee, to have extensive specialist training in Gestalt psychotherapy theory and organisational skills (see Denham-Vaughan and Chidiac, 2009, for further discussion). Our aim was to focus instead on the organisational field/ culture and existent relationships per se: to develop a coaching process that would leverage the quality of all interactions occurring in the situation and be easy for people without specialist Gestalt training to understand and use. We thus offer the PAIR coaching model as a process that can be rapidly delivered in a wide range of organisational settings where people lack pre- existing explicit Gestalt psychotherapy or organisational Gestalt knowledge or expertise.

Nicky Burton, Marie-Anne Chidiac, Neil Harris and Andy Norton

Abstract: The application of a Gestalt philosophy and practice in work with a family business is one in which awareness, contact, and the need for flexibility, adaptability, and support are paramount. The thrill of moving into the unknown emerges from a carefully considered ground. We describe work we did with the many members of a family generation, for whom contact, meeting, and being known were the organising needs. This article is the voice of the facilitating team, at times a unity, at times very clearly four individuals.

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