« Case unclosable » by Nancy Amendt-Lyon

CaseUnclosable-PaperBack_V2Nancy Amendt-Lyon, gestalt therapist in Vienna, publishes her first novel.
Enjoy !

« When you read the book description, you will understand why I am writing to you today! Encouraged by Laura Perls’ advice to gestalt therapists to turn to literature and the theatre for a broader understanding of human nature and a greater spectrum of emotions, I wrote Case Unclosable, my first novel. As an author, I hope to find active readers who will engage with me and the protagonists in the process of reading!
The novel deals with the premature death of a father and the influence of family history, values, and transgenerational trauma on the protagonists’ present life, the dilemmas of living in a foreign culture, and the enduring process of handling numerous unfinished situations. From a gestalt therapeutic perspective, the reader will easily identify the application of such concepts as striving for closure, understanding self-functions, working with polarities, the healing force of dialogue, dealing with creative adjustments to difficult situations, and attending to our dreams, even when they are nightmares. » (N Arendt-Lyon).

Have a look at the book’s website!  http://www.caseunclosable.com

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