« C Creating Contact and Change in Communities », par Tine Van Wijk

Extrait d’un livre par Tine Van Wijk, Gestalt-thérapeute,

qui vient de paraître.

Pour toutes informations voir : http://schrijfdeonderstroom.typepad.com/c/2011/10/index.html


 » Life is a gift. Unwrap it.

Dear Reader,
How are you? Where are you? How do you feel?
What are you longing for? Are you happy?
Do you think I am asking difficult questions?
You do not know what to answer?
Of course you are right. The questions I ask are not easy to answer. It is why I wrote this book.
I realized that I could only find my answers
if I lived life and felt what it is about.
It meant entering risky and exciting adventures.
I am curious, always have been. I am not easy to please.
I have been wondering about life since I was three
and the Nazi´s occupied my country.
After the invasion my father came back from the front with wrecked nerves.
What happened? How was it for him? Why did it happen?
Why do people hurt each other in such a cruel way?
I became angry because no one could answer me.
But I did have my direct line with God.
He did speak with me and told me I should go on living and find out for myself.
My life has been and still is quite an adventure. Writing gives me the possibility to share what can be important for you.
In this book you can follow me in my thoughts, ideas, feelings, fears, in my quest and my search for love. And you are invited to explore your own dreams, feelings, fears and longings by writing and connecting with your own wisdom. No one else can do it for you. Please do not think you have to accomplish a heavy task. Look at life as a gift. Being alive means having the right to be happy, the right to love and be loved, specially when life is painful. If you can connect with your pain, sorrow and anger you can also connect with your joy and love. Feeling that life hurts is a way to healing and being able to feel that life is also gentle and generous
if you are willing to receive IT.
My guide in this creative process is Gestalt therapist Joseph Zinker who states:
´The person who dares to create, to break boundaries,
not only partakes of a miracle, but also comes to realize that in his/her process of being s/he is a miracle.´  « 

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