Ruella Frank : nouveau livre

Ruella Frank et Frances Labarre,

une gestalt-thérapeute et une psychanalyste,

viennent de publier cet excellent et passionnant ouvrage, incontournable pour tous les professionnels de la relation humaine.

S’appuyant sur les recherches de l’enfance en bas âge et de la théorie du mouvement, il ouvre et élargit significativement notre perspicacité clinique et permet une meilleure compréhension des fondements non-verbaux de toute relation.

Ouvrage en cours de traduction aux éditions de l’exprimerie.

Pre-Publication Reviews:

“This fascinating and undeniably important book will do nothing less than widen and reorient your perception of human movement  …. Frank and La Barre’s novel observational method, foundational movement analysis, reveals crucial data to be right there in the embodied aspects of clinical relatedness. We are overlooking so much!”

Donnel Stern, Ph.D., Training and Supervising Analyst, William Alanson White Institute

“Going beyond the empirical understanding of nonverbal expression, the authors show how body movements point out the unformulated and prereflexive areas of experience. Clear, brilliant, and illustrated with clinical examples, this book is a worthy addition to the library not only of psychotherapists, but also parents and caretakers.”

Jean-Marie Robine, Founder, director and supervisor, Institut Français de Gestalt-thérapie

“Frank and La Barre have drawn upon years of expertise in recognizing the communicative importance of nonverbal behavior. …There are riches here pertaining to parent-infant relationships and to what makes the therapist-patient relationship effective. The bridge between these realms is exquisitely detailed in carefully observed movement interaction.”

K. Mark Sossin, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Pace University, and co-author, The Meaning of Movement (1999)

“Finally, here is a work that definitively reveals how nonverbal movement inclinations in infancy, developed in the company of significant others, become the implicit core of adult function, still actively part of every lived moment.”

Alan Fogel, Ph.D., Author, The Psychophysiology of Self-Awareness:, Rediscovering the Art of Body Sense (2009)

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